Friday, November 16, 2012

Fuck Vomit

Man, yesterday was the worst! Picture this: Me, chugging chocolate milk, jumping on the couch when out of nowhere, BAM! Chocolate milk chunks come flying out of my mouth and nose all over the couch. I about shit my pants (which probably would have smelled better). That has never happened before. I literally broke into tears and went running for mom who get this, did not want to hug me! Who gives a shit that I am covered in brown vomit, did she not just see what the fuck happened?!?! I am almost traumatized lady!
I started to feel a little better, I wasn't all that hungry so mom put me down for an early nap after one of the most extensive baths I have ever taken. So, yea, here I am asleep for maybe 20 minutes and BAM! it happens again. This time less chocolate milk and more bile. And you guessed it, another bath.

My daily conclusion: Fuck vomit, fuck sickness, fuck the flu and fuck me I am sick.
p.s. I wish I barfed rainbows like this magic clown.

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