Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tuesday is now Product Review Day

I have decided that Tuesdays suck, but they don't suck so bad when I think about my upcoming toy review. Today I will be reviewing Fisher Price Roll-a-Rounds Swirlin Surprise Gumballs. Quite the mouthful, this one. First of all can I please apologize for the above picture, it is all I could find on line. All I have to say  is, Jesus Christ, if I look that ugly playing with this toy, please someone kill me! Uggh, is that even a real baby? Tell me he is photo-shopped or something. Seriously, the shape of his head is freaking me out it reminds me of an eggplant. A big thumbs down to the Fisher Prices advertising/marketing team that came up with this one. "you're fired" whilst said in my best Donald Trump voice. Hahahaaha. My apologies, I digress. Back to the review...

Holy dirty diaper I love this piece of plastic, so much in fact that not only do I have one at daycare but I convinced mom to purchase one for my house too!! Some call me spoiled, I call it knowing how to get what I want, and bitch I want two of my favorite toys.

So, basically it's a gumball machine. You put the balls in the top, press the lever, some music plays and out shoot the balls. Sounds lame, but damn I can hardly stand my excitement when I push the little blue lever and hear that click... it is pure music to my ears (literally it is music to my ears) because once I push the handle down, click, and out pops a ball and the music starts. OH MY GOD!! I love it! My adrenaline immediately  starts pumping and I slam my hand down on that little blue lever over and over and over as hard as I can, shooting those balls out, woooweeee. This toy get 5 stars, and an extra bonus because the balls are made out of this insanely hard plastic that make for some extraordinary weapons against mom, dad and those two little dogs. 

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  1. Great toy! We have one too! I dig it oliver now convince ur mommy in the same manner to come visit auntie kristyl and ill buy u whatever toy u want. Ok now go.go. shew. Tell mommy