Thursday, November 8, 2012

The new baby super-food

I am not interested in all the organic, vegan, healthy shmelthy crap doctors are trying to sell these days. Lets get real here... Give me the good stuff. I want Bacon!
There is nothing worse then sitting at the breakfast table (or should I say in front of the breakfast TV) and watching my parents glazed over faces as they watch shitty television and shove the most delicious looking food into their mouths. Bacon, eggs, french toast and other sugary fatty delights while I am sat in a, sticky with last nights dinner, plastic chair and given a banana and a pile of green goo otherwise known as green bean baby food. First of all, fuck green beans and secondly, who the fuck eats green beans for breakfast? I might if I got some maple syrup to dip them in, but no. "Give me the bacon, mom!" is what I want to shout every Sunday morning.
But now, I don't need to because finally, I have found a way to get my bacon intake. Bacon baby food!!! The new super-food to babies who love breakfast. Every bottle includes four servings of bacon, FOUR!

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